Friday morning SWAT standoff locks down Melrose — UPDATE

Seattle Police and a SWAT team set off flash bombs and closed down city streets around the Denny Terrace Apartments Friday morning in an apparent standoff with a suspect believed to be in a unit inside the Seattle Housing Authority building.

We’re waiting for more information from SPD about what precipitated the standoff but residents in the area report hearing at least three loud bangs earlier this morning. As of 8:30 AM, Melrose was closed to traffic and pedestrians between Denny and John.

(Image: Bellevue Police Department)

The suspect was reportedly armed according to SPD radio dispatches. UPDATE 8:35 AM: According to police radio updates, the suspect has been found dead inside the unit. Seattle Fire has been called to the 9th floor apartment to respond to the reported death. The scene is still active so please wait for the official all clear from Seattle Police.

UPDATE 12:40 PM: The suspect found dead in the incident was identified in Seattle Police radio updates as Adam Anthony Gua. The 28-year-old had been the subject of a Bellevue Police bulletin issued Thursday calling Gua “a dangerous armed car prowl suspect.”

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