The 2018 Special Olympics are coming to Capitol Hill

Seattle University will be a key venue this summer as the Special Olympics come to the 12th Ave campus.

The school is slated to help host the 50th Anniversary of the Special Olympic Games. In July, more than 4,000 athletes will participate in 14 different sports throughout the Seattle region, including basketball and soccer events at Seattle U’s Championship Field and Connolly Complex.

“People probably underestimate the capabilities people with intellectual disability have –- that perceived gap really isn’t there. You will find within the intellectual disability community, there are more things alike than different,” said Jaymelina Esmele, a Special Olympics representative.

2018 Special Olympics Venues in Seattle

  • Seattle University: Basketball, Soccer
  • University of Washington: Basketball, Bocce, Flag Football
  • Seattle Pacific University: Gymnastics

Intellectual disability is the most common developmental disability and includes Fragile X
Syndrome, Down Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome,
Apert Syndrome and others.

In one of the largest sporting events in Washington with an estimated 70,000 spectators, volunteer opportunities are plenty. Event and ongoing volunteer needs include data entry, sport coaching, and family support coordinators. The Special Olympics website lists events by area for anyone who wants to get involved. Seattle has over 10,000 volunteers lined up for the games but according to executive director Jayme Powers there is still a big need for medical professionals. Volunteers who work in the medical profession and therapeutic professions such as yoga are needed to assist athletes from the sideline as part of the program’s athlete health services. Continue reading


The Seattle Stand Down, a premier event of One Less Mountain (a 501c 3, not for profit, all Volunteer Veterans organization), is an event where Homeless and At-risk Veterans are invited to the campus of Seattle Central College to have an opportunity to address some of the issues that they may face.   Volunteers form versus organizations and staff from the VA, WDVA, KCVP and others will spend the day working with the Veterans in addressing issues such as Housing, Employment, Legal, Medical, Dental, Clothing, and Meals.

Consider supporting the Seattle Stand down with a Donation and/or by volunteering Please go to our web site for more information.

Please share this information with as many people as you can – we need volunteers, and we wish to assist as many Homeless and At-risk Veterans as possible.

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