With Capitol Hill ‘open house,’ planning commission report recommends shake-up of Seattle single-family zoning

Representatives from City Hall and the Seattle Planning Commission will be at Capitol HIll’s 12th Ave Arts Monday night to talk about a newly released report that officials say shows changes to single-family zoning are “necessary for the city’s future.”

“Restoring the flexibility in housing types seen in Seattle’s historic residential neighborhoods is critical if the city is to achieve its goals of being a diverse, equitable and sustainable place to live,” a statement on the new “Neighborhoods for All” report reads.

City reps will be on Capitol Hill to talk about the report’s findings and the strategies the commission says should be implemented by Mayor Jenny Durkan and the Seattle City Council to begin “a return to the mix of housing and development patterns found in many of Seattle’s older and most walkable neighborhoods” across Seattle.

Seattle Planning Commission ‘Neighborhoods for All’ report release event

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The final last* community meeting before work begins on $46 million+ overhaul of 23rd Ave

The Miller Park Neighbors group invites you to a community meeting with Seattle Department of Transportation planners to discuss the planned changes to 23rd Ave:

MPN - SDOT meeting (1)

You can study up on the issues and opportunities in the planned changes in our recent coverage:

*About that last one… apparently, it wasn’t actually the *last* community meeting, after all.