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Capitol Hill’s best place to snow sled

We pointed to this list of the five best places in the city to sled last year. Guess what? They’re still the highest. Amazing!

SDOT’s Highest Elevations in Seattle

  1. High Point above sea level, 6 parcels south of watertower at 35th Ave SW and SW Myrtle Street – 520 feet – NAVD88
  2. Near Bitter Lake, on N 145th St just east of Greenwood Ave – 493 feet – NAVD88
  3. NE 92nd ST and Roosevelt Way NE – 466 feet – NAVD88
  4. Queen Anne Hill, at First Ave N and Lee Street – 456 feet – NAVD88
  5. Highest point in Volunteer Park – 453 feet – NAVD88

If you’re looking for guaranteed snow action, head to the mountains. Here are the best snow sledding spots near Seattle.


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