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Amante’s new sign.

Amante (located at Olive & Denny) recently added this flashy sign to their building. The first time I saw it, a waving American flag was part of their rotation of images… And I thought the Tiffany-blue coat of paint that The Saint brought to the lower end of Olive was bad!

They apparently need something very loud to attract business. Is this compensating for something that is lacking in their food? I admit, the sign is strategically placed to catch the busy traffic in the area. But I feel visually assaulted walking down the hill in the morning.

At the very least, someone came to their senses with the tacky flag, as it was out of the rotation when I went back to take this photo.

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3 thoughts on “Amante’s new sign.

  1. It’s illegal to have a TV set in a car that the driver can see, because it’s too distracting. The same should be true for TV billboards.

  2. i don’t like it either. and if you’ve ever had amante delivereed, have you noticed they try to keep your change? like don’t even pretend to try to give you your change back?! so rude!

  3. I think people around here spend too much time dwelling on the negative. I LOVE Amante’s and appreciate their service and food. Yes, they have a new big flashy sign. The restaurant is usually fairly empty so I am sure they are trying to drum up business. I know they get a fair amount of delivery and take out business.