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CHS Capitol Hill Neighborhood Map

The Fancy Pants: Classically defined by fancy dwellings, fancy drinks, and fancy neighbors.

Miller Park: Isn’t that where that movie Singles took place?

Pike/Pine Corridor: Gathering place for hipsters, gays, and condos.

I-5 Shores: Don’t you love to wake up to the sound of the ocean in the morning? (Oh, that’s I-5?)

An Historic District: The only officially historic zone on the Hill and one curiously neglected by the original Fancy Pants boundaries.

Broadway/Little Hill: Characterized by mix of Broadway urbanity, small houses, small apartments, and small views.

Institution Belt: Where the regular mix of Capitol Hill residential and commercial buildings is complemented by institutions like Group Health, SCCC, and Teletubby Hill.

Northern Fringes: Physically part of the Hill, but rarely visited or heard from. Kind of like Alaska.

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