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Coming light rail construction: 7 things to know

The Capitol Hill Community Council invited reps from Sound Transit to provide an update on light rail status at last week’s council meeting. Here are some of the things we learned:

  •  The Capitol Hill station construction process will begin this winter with chain-link fences going up but digging won’t begin for one year. Not sure what happens in the area during that period but it sounds like there will be one year of prep before the tunnel boring begins.
  • The digging will go on for about five years.
  • There will be a sound wall constructed but noise and vibration will be an issue in the construction areas.
  • ST says the most noticeable impact for residents and local businesses will be the trucks moving dirt from the Hill.
  • The truck route will come up Denny and return back down Olive to I-5.
  • There will be an approximately 9-month period where Olive exit from I-5 will be unavailable.
  • Beacon Hill went through this digging process already. Sounds like we should check in with the neighborhoods down there to see what other impacts to be prepared for.

Also got some info about status of the art design process that I will include in a separate post.

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7 thoughts on “Coming light rail construction: 7 things to know

  1. There will be an approximately 9-month period where Olive exit from I-5 will be unavailable.

    What!? That’s bullshit.

  2. what the hell? That is complete BS. Combine that with asshole/incompetent truck drivers and this is going to be a giant clusterfuck

  3. I’ve been a first hand witness to the Beacon Hill dig and what you get is a single building made of blue plywood that is exactly one block wide and one block long, about two stories high. No roof. That is the sound deadening around the dig. Not pretty, not hideous. I think the big difference between the two is that Denny and Broadway are (were) in the center of a pedestrian thoroughfare and commercial corridor. The beacon hill dig is across the street from a Red Apple parking lot. Not a lot of foot traffic around there. The streets are not as small around Beacon Hill. I can’t imagine what it will be like pushing those trucks up and down John/Denny. And blocking the freeway for 9 months…Jesus.

  4. people just need to deal and not have a hissy fit…this will happen and you cannot do anything about it except stop your Seattle ass bitching…this is progress and it hurts a little- so pipe down Pairus too annoying

  5. Beacon Hill did just fine. I don’t think there’s going to be much to complain about once it starts and the initial faux shock wears off.

  6. Hear hear. It’s not like there’s an easier way to get a light rail station – wait longer and it will be worse, do it now and it’ll be good for a hundred years.