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4 thoughts on “Elysian

  1. I second that emotion! It’s a place where us (nearly) 60 year olds can hang out with college buddies or with our kids (OK young adults, maybe your age) and still feel comfortable

  2. I have always been a big fan of The Elysian’s fish and chips, but went there a couple of weeks ago and was surprised to find that they were nowhere to be found on the menu. I asked the waitress where they went and she informed me the due to a recent kitchen remodel they only had one deep fryer, and in order to accommodate vegetarians couldn’t cook meat or fish in it. I ended up having a lovely meal nonetheless (the fish tacos were great) but was very disappointed. I miss you, fish & chips…

  3. Every December I come to Seattle to visit my old Friend, Andy Taylor. Part of our ritual is visiting Elysian to partake in the famous fish and chips. Will it be back on the menu by December 2008?


  4. my little sister was in town from San Diego, wanting a vegie burger. She asked if we could go to the Elysian because we had been in the past. My partner and I wanted to say no, because we swore we would never go there again because almost everytime we have gone the service is TERRIBLE!
    But we thought we would give it one last chance.
    Well Elysian, that was the last chance and once again you failed miserably.
    When we arrived maybe one fourth of the tables were full. It said seat your self, so we did, in plain site of at least 4 servers. 3 other groups came in and all their orders were taken before ours. My sister went up to the bar to get us our drinks. When the server finally arrived, she said oh you have drinks already, and left. It became comical, how bad the service was. She finally took our order, food was ok, no water refills, , we had to ask the hostess. Also, had to go back up to bar to order our own drinks, and the server seemed completly oblivous to what a poor job she was doing.
    The food is decent, but the service is so poor and aloof, that we will never go back. had drinks with a few friends the other night, and when we mentioned the Elysian, they all said, “what were you thinking?” the place sucks.