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Search CHS past for beer, ice cream and Halloween

CHS has a history. Started writing about the neighborhood back in January 2006 over on Google’s Blogger platform. With our transition to a new CHS, we’ve had to leave that history behind.

Happy to say that we’ve now brought our past over to this new site — the complete archives are now available.

So, when you search for important things like outdoor places to drink beer, you not only get all of our latest posts on the subject, you get CHS’s rich history of outdoor beer drinking.

Same goes for ice cream.

And Halloween.

The site search still needs a bit more work but it’ll get you started on digging through the past. You can find a search box on every page or just go here. We’ll also need to give you a better way to dig through the archives by date. For now, search will have to do.

With this change, you may have have noticed that the old site at is no more. When you got there, you’re supposed to be redirected to the new CHS. It works — kind of. Google redirects anybody using Firefox just fine but Internet Explorer chokes on the code. Not sure what to do about that. Hey, Google, your code is broken.


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