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So you want to be a neighborhood blogger? 12 tips

Reading greyh’s post about making the leap to writing on CHS — Why I Finally Joined CHS, A Virgin Blogger’s Story —  reminded me that we’ve put this site in your hands without a lot of guidance. Now that CHS has been identified as a leader in an “emerging trend in blogging”, we can start being bossy and tell you how to live your life. Take this all as loose guidance — the point of CHS is that it’s driven by neighbors for neighbors. Still, here are twelve rules loose guidelines that will help you out. And, yes, I need to remember to stick to them, too.

    The CHS Neighborhood Blogging Code

  1. Don’t make your post a diary. Personal details are great. But put your discussion of the place where you live first.
  2. Keep your entries short and bite-sized. Sometimes you might write about complicated things but remember that the best posts might only be a paragraph or two.
  3. Link to other blogs and articles to help tell your story. A great blog is part of a wider conversation. Linking is a big part of making that connection. Don’t forget to credit other sites when you find something cool to share.
  4. Be funny. Being playful even when tackling sticky topics is a tried and true way to diffuse difficult situations.
  5. Don’t be a smartass all the time. Neighbors need a reason to keep coming back. Unless you are very funny, you’ll need to add some substance to your style.
  6. Your posts should have pictures. One picture and a dozen or so words are ingredients for a great post.
  7. Don’t be so damn witty with your headlines. Clear first, then clever. And keep bad words out of the headlines, please. In the post, fuck it.
  8. Be fair and try not to single individuals out.
  9. Be careful with rumors and second-hand information. Don’t post it until you count to 10 and give it some thought.
  10. Don’t forget to think of the business owner’s side of the story.
  11. Don’t do huge reviews. They’re boring and (usually) too personal. Make a few assertions. Say you liked it. Hated it. Let your neighbors respond.
  12. Be clear and upfront about any financial interest you have in your neighborhood and in the businesses you write about.
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    12 years ago

    I do solemnly swear to uphold the CHS Neighborhood Blogging Code.

    First off, thanks to all my neighbors who’ve welcomed me to CHS!

    While I enjoy and regularly read many of the Capitol Hill blogs out there, this is the one I felt most comfortable joining. It has the perfect amount of seriousness and silliness, while each article exposes the author’s love of The Hill. I’m looking forward to reading more of your stories.

    judy bench
    judy bench
    12 years ago


    linder seattle
    linder seattle
    12 years ago

    judy, I think you might need to get certain embed permissions from J or the other admins for some posting capabilities. But, in the meantime, you can upload your video to your favorite video sharing site and then share the url in your post or comment.

    See the second bullet point in this note to contributors post.