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Dick’s closed for construction

For projects like the light rail station construction, we get mailings and outreach sessions and copious Web project updates — yet when a construction project of real significance comes along, what kind of warning do we get? A sign on a chain link fence stating Dick’s on Broadway is closed for “extensive plumbing repairs.”

You’ll have to find a burger alternative until they re-open on Thursday. With Jack in the Box out of commission until they finish whatever kind of work they need to do to convert a KFC to a JIB, good luck.

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5 thoughts on “Dick’s closed for construction

  1. i walked by there and was hoping that it was being torn down for generic condos or a parking lot or whatever. the last thing we need on capitol hill is cheap beef and car traffic. what a waste of space!

  2. Last night my friends and I decided that the worst possible camping site would be behind Dick’s on Broadway. Now it’s Dick’s on Broadway in need of plumbing repairs. Yum!

  3. yeah, the ‘extensive plumbing repairs’ and Dick’s are pretty much a Rodney Dangerfield joke waiting to happen. Except he’s dead. And didn’t hang out in Seattle.

  4. No Jack in the Box. The deal fell through a while ago, but apparently the word hasn’t gotten around to the local blogs yet, who keep repeating it.

  5. Yeah, saw Dan Savage’s proposal for Pony 2.0. So, I’m curious, where did you find out the deal fell through? We local blogs want to know.