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Frustration with Insomniax’s lettering

A friend recently pointed out her frustration with the windows at Insomniax.  The cafe has two large series of windows facing 15th, each with the store’s name in arching letters across multiple panes.  Not too long ago, one of the signs was replaced and is now an OCD nightmare.  On one sign, the letters lie entirely on one side of the a pane; on the other sign, the letters N and A were placed on TOP to the panes! 

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8 thoughts on “Frustration with Insomniax’s lettering

  1. I’m betting the one with the letters that don’t get dissected was done first and then, when they found out what a pain in ass it was to cut, they opted for non-dissected letters.


    They did the non-dissected one first and it was so easy that they decided to get artful with the second and improve the illusion.

  2. What’s bugged my little OCD brain ever since I moved in just a block away is that the name is Insomniax, but the hours are not the hours that an insomniac would keep. Closing at 5:30 in the afternoon and not opening again until 6 in the morning is practically the exact opposite of the time that someone with insomnia would be awake. A cafe that chooses to name themselves that should be open very late at night.

  3. I’m guessing the name doesn’t mean that they cater to insomniacs, but rather they create them by loading people with caffeine. But good point nontheless.

  4. Does your friend take the bus a lot? When I used to take the bus every day I found I had a lot of time to think about random street details (along with the requisite internal monologue on what they all meant).

    Or perhaps she just spends a lot of time hanging out in the 7-Eleven parking lot…

  5. I know! I have always thought this! False advertising. Where are the coffee places that cater to those of us that are up late working on some project and need a shot of caffeine to keep going?

  6. Ah, so this is why so many Seattle liberals don’t go to antiwar marches or meetings… There are clearly more important things to blog on.