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Neighborlogs is for neighborhood blogging

Did you know it took Genghis Khan two tries to defeat the Khwarezmid Empire? It’s true. Babe Ruth? Did not hit a homerun in his first trip to the plate. And John Lennon wanted to sleep with his mother. All of these are true. And go to show you one thing.

Some people never give up.

So, here I am again, saddling up the bucking bronco that is neighborhood blogging for another ride. We’re building a neighborhood blogging service called Neighborlogs — taking the magic that creates the content, the community and the advertising at the heart of this site and and putting it in a bottle. And giving it away for free. We make our cash off of advertising on sites that use our service. We’re practically a charity!

Why tell you about this today? For one, my longstanding rivalry with Seattlest’s MvB requires me to attempt to one-up him on his day of glory. For two, I’m looking for a few more ‘some people’ types to join the Neighborlogs beta. We’re looking for a few good bloggers who either are already writing neighborhood sites and want to take their effort to the next level or bloggers in other fields (animal husbandry, for example) who are crazy enough to give placeblogging a try. If you are interested or know somebody who ought to be, you can register for our beta here. Neighborlogs gives you all the tools you will need to create a great neighborhood site. And it gives you all of that for free.

A few months back, I announced I was leaving a national neighborhood blogging network project I had been working on to focus (mostly) full-time on That was fine and dandy. Giving CHS more time allowed me to transition to a whole new, multiple-contributor format with a whole new, slightly wider focus encompassing as much of Capitol Hill as possible. In working with CHS’s new blog system, I found myself getting more and more involved with the company that built it — the Central District’s own Instivate. Eventually they figured I wasn’t going to leave them alone. Last month, I became employee #3.

We’re building the Neighborlogs service into the first choice in neighborhood blogging and advertising. Don’t giggle. It’s a niche and we want it to be our niche. We’ll let GOOG/MSFT/etc. joust over the universe. We just want to play on a few street corners. Neighborlogs brings together tools to create great local content, organize a community of contributors and establish an easy to use advertising system that opens the online ad space to a whole new level of small businesses and startups that care about the place they call home. This is the sandbox CHS is playing in today and the experiment you are part of. If you want to play, too, check Neighborlogs out. Of, if you are just here to watch Genghis try to hit homeruns, thanks for hanging around and being part of the fun.

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One thought on “Neighborlogs is for neighborhood blogging

  1. Upstage me, will you?!

    Remind me to give you what for at our next Happy Hour, October 20th. Also, animal husbandry is totally our space. I was writing about pigs on Seattlest months ago.