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Fire at Bellevue & Pine

If you woke to the smell of smoke in the I-5 Shores and Pike/Pine neighborhoods, it is from a fire at 1605 Bellevue.  The fire has resulted in a road block by police cars at Bellevue and Pine.  I saw a couple of abandoned buses.  Best way to get through is by foot or by bike.  Here is the video from King 5.

UPDATE from jseattle

See comments below for a few news links and additional details. Fired department says the building had only one resident — an elderly man who died. The location is one we profiled earlier this summer regarding activist Dennis Saxman’s effort to halt development.

User AdonisPhoto has created this photo essay of the fire.


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15 thoughts on “Fire at Bellevue & Pine

  1. I rode my scooter around 6:15am – the trucks were already there – fire started earlier than that – the street was definetly closed-might be open now…

  2. Bellevue is still blocked off but Pine is somewhat clear. Went downtown to catch the 545. Routes 43 and 14 also affected but probably just a minor detour for those buses.

  3. 43’s reroute wasn’t minor: Broadway to Madison, and that’s it. Last stop was scheduled to be 3rd, with a turnaround on 1st (and going back up Madison). I was under the impression from Metro customer service that the 43 would go north on 3rd, so pretty much everyone had an unexpected hike today.

    In related news, drivers who don’t know how to use the microphone on an articulated bus when announcing route changes are very likely morons.

  4. I ran into Dennis Saxman at the scene and he said the man who died was a feisty 89 year old who refused to move out and was scheduled to be evicted tomorrow. I think his name was Ed Jackson. The rest of the building was vacant. I can’t remember if he said it was being demolished or converted to condos.


  5. By the way, since it was dark, the photos look better against a dark background in a slideshow:

  6. What a coincidence! Can you IMAGINE how… coincidental it all is? The timing, even for a “stuff happens” kind of situation like this. Empty building scheduled for demolition. Everything in order, except for the old man who won’t get out. One man standing in the way of ALL THAT MONEY. Something’s gotta give. But, hey, things happen. You know, transients, pure chance, wiring, old buildings. Coincidence, was it? Maybe.

    He was “scheduled” to be evicted Monday for being in the way of (money money money money… MONAY!!!) *ahem* propitty sales/demolition/development. (MONAY!) The almighty dollar. And what do you know? Stuff happens. And just like clockwork, the human obstacle is out of the way.

    Anyone with the power to investigate this to the max, who does not, is the worst kind of coward. Sure, this could very well be an accident. Bad wiring would not surprise me. Those pesky transients, even – conveniently hard to identify and track down as they are, maybe. Maybe a lot of things.

    It’s just one hell of a coincidence. And the investigation had better be one hell of an investigation, to match. Or it’s going to look even more suspicious than it already does. Out by Monday, indeed. Seattle’s complacent news services need to understand something. Calling the man “feisty” and shrugging off the screaming coincidence of WHO BENEFITS FROM THIS FIRE with the usual bland, nothing-to-see-here reporting, will NOT make it. A “feisty” old man was in the way. There was money to be made, pressure coming down. And what do you know… any “reasonable” person would have left when the place went up, sure, that is, IF he happened to be awake enough, feeling well enough, and coordinated enough to escape from the fourth floor.

    So maybe this WAS an accident. But…

    IF THIS WAS ARSON FOR PROFIT, it had better be prosecuted as murder of the worst kind. And this investigation had better be thorough, and relentless.