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Broadway could have streetcar by 2012

Unless the Central District takes it away from us! Just kidding, Central District News — we can share.

CDN reports on the repercussions being felt from the passage of Prop 1 on Election Day.

…if things go as planned, preliminary engineering work could start as soon as February 2009 and the system could go into service sometime between 2012 and 2016 depending on the availability of funding.

The street car is intended to fill the gap caused when First Hill lost their light rail station due to the risk and cost of constructing a facility deep underground at Broadway & Madison.  The streetcar’s route would connect the International District light rail station with the forthcoming underground station on Capitol Hill at Broadway & Denny.  As originally conceived, the tracks would be run east on Jackson to 12th, then north on Broadway to Denny Way.

But, CDN notes, the plan is still ripe for modification. There’s hope for a route that would also pass through a portion of the Central District — meanwhile, some are advocating for a route that provides more service to the First Hill area. Regardless of how the details shake out, Capitol Hill is, um, on track to become a very robust transit environment.

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2 thoughts on “Broadway could have streetcar by 2012

  1. AWESOME! Thanks for the update! Since the area of Broadway around John & Denny is going to be a disaster area for a few years anyway, I hope the city can do some sidewalk widening/improvements like they did on the Ave a few years ago.

  2. I get that they’re trying to connect the stations but it seems like they should just extended it all the way to Broadway and E Roy. Either way though, light rail and a streetcar on Capitol Hill is going to be awesome.