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The Ed Jackson memorial

This one is a bit of a downer so apologies in advance. I recently suggested a provocative memorial to Ed Jackson, the man who took his own life and started a fire in the apartments at Bellevue and Pine. Haven’t writtent about this here, but I also tried to organize a public gathering if people wanted to mark his passing together. I didn’t have much success moving the memorial forward — Ed Jackson’s life and death were too ambiguous to bring enough of the people who get things done on Capitol Hill together in this kind of way.

But I’m told that some of the people who actually knew and interacted with Ed from day to day got together last week to hold their own memorial for the 35-year resident of Capitol Hill. Don’t know what it entailed but one can imagine a group of friends from the neighbohood gathering for a drink and to remember their time living in the apartments or nearby with Ed as the neighborhood watchman. The group left flowers and a few items at the fenced-off apartment building at 1605 Bellevue. Unlike the Shannon Harps memorial which stayed in place for months, Ed’s, I’m told, was trashed and gone by morning.

Not shocking — Bellevue at Pine is on a busy path between downtown and the Hill — but, if you were wondering how we would remember Ed Jackson, now you know.

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