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Lazy Sunday

Sunday in Capitol Hill or: How I Learned to Stop Loving New York

 – get up, to Victrola for latte or doppio

 – walk home on 17th, look at tree colors, other pedestrians, For Sale signs

 – NYTimes, Miles

 – trip to Bitters in Fremont to see Katie the super owner, find iron works studio on the way

 – walk down to Baguette Box for lamb and yogurt sandwich, head to the park if sunny or a dry bench along the sidewalk if it’s raining

 – check street art along Pike

 – more music, split wood for the fireplace, guitar, catch up on magazines, catch a movie, head to Trader Joe’s for indian food for dinner and mint chocolate chip for dessert, maybe check work email, relax

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7 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday

  1. I, too, have also learned to stop loving New York. I even went back for Thanksgiving this past weekend and found myself missing Seattle almost immediately. Not to mention it was FREEZING there.

  2. But that’s just my point: those two bought cupcakes, took a cab, and watched a movie. That is indeed a lazy Sunday. Boikej’s day is like an entire rap album.