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Capitol Hill, your cupcakes are coming

July 22, 2009: They’re here.
Cupcakes for breakfast? (And lunch, and dinner…) Cupcake Royale opens with free cakes

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Barbie Cake
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Via Pike/Pine arts and culture insider Joey Veltkamp’s blog, Capitol Hill is finally getting its cupcakes:


Folks, it’s official! Cupcake Royale will be opening up their 4th location this June!
Look for it at 1111 Pike Street, between 11th and 12th. It will be on the ground floor of the new Tom Kundig building. It’s going to be amazing folks!

CORRECTION: Oops. Not in Oddfellows. Around the corner like the bit from Joey’s blog says!

In addition the Linda Derschang-driven Oddfellows Cafe, the building will also soon be home to Molly Moons Ice cream, and a restaurant called the Tin Table.

Of course, there are already a lot of cupcake options on the hill. Personally, I never got on the bandwagon. Was all for the short-lived waffle movement. Also, toast is good. (Molly Moons, on other hand, I’m kinda too excited about)

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16 thoughts on “Capitol Hill, your cupcakes are coming

  1. i live right next door. if they don’t bake on premesis and allow the alluring scents to waft across the street, i have a chance of avoiding certain weight gain.

  2. I’ve only been once, but I picked up some strawberry ice cream and some coffee ice cream. Both were awesome. You have to wait in line for 45 minutes… but it’s worth it.

  3. >> In addition the Linda Derschang-driven Oddfellows Cafe, the building will also soon be home to Molly Moons Ice cream, and a restaurant called the Tin Table.

    The Oddfellows Cafe is at 10th and Pine. The cupcake place is on Pike between 11th and 12th. So which building will have Molly Moons and Tin Table?

  4. I’ve sampled the cupcakes at the Cupcake Royale location in Ballard and I was sadly disappointed. It tasted like chocolate sawdust, albeit with really yummy frosting. I’m with you J – I thought I was really missing out on the cupcake movement; turns out it hasn’t lived up to the hype

  5. 1111 East Pike was “scheduled for completion in Fall 2008” according to the linked page but it’s not quite done yet. Is construction still progressing? I was afraid that it’d turn into a hole in the ground like Ava and 1 Hotel downtown, both of which are perpetually on hold due to the lousy sales market.

  6. I still see lots of activity at 1111 e. pike. I think they’re just behind schedule. The building is coming along very nicely. It’s going to be a beautiful building once finished. Definitely brings the quality up a notch in these parts.

  7. pretty cupcakes yum yum. But I sure am craving a place on the Hill (Broadway especially) that sells brown rice, tahini sauce, fresh veggies and real juice….. Gravity Bar, where art thou?!

  8. Agreed. The renderings I saw suggest that 1111 East Pike has a lot of thought put into its design. It should be a nice addition to the area. (It’d be better if I could afford to live there, though :) )

  9. So….dry. Maybe it’s on purpose, to make you buy the coffee? And flavor? Hello?

    So, why are there doing to be four of these places in one town? Seattle’s quite the foodie place, and yet CR is expanding? I just don’t get it.

    It’s Trophy or homemade for me.

  10. I thought Cupcake Royal was awesome until I had Trophy Cakes. Trophy blows everyone away but I will take what I can get it and it will be hard to avoid when taking the dogs to Vita on Sunday mornings.

  11. One of my friends told me about a new cupcake shop opening in Belltown on 4th Street. Anyone know any information about this location?