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Lights Out?

I went for a run tonight and wound around the streets on and between 15th & 19th. Is it just me, or does it seem like a number of streetlights are out? I know folks brought up how to efficiently report and replace burnt-out streetlights after the Harps’ murder, but I forget exactly how to go about making a request to get them fixed.

Beyond the dark and creepy factor, there are stretches where it’s plain old dangerous to walk/run because it’s too dark to see the uneven sidewalks.

Is there an easy process for reporting this – and a promised turnaround time, ala potholes?

Or is this some energy-saving initiative and I should just start wearing a really good headlamp?

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3 thoughts on “Lights Out?

  1. It’s not just you. I noticed this driving around the Hill early evening yesterday. I was glad I was driving and not walking. It’s creepy esp. since there isn’t that much foot traffic in that area. Nothing like walking alone on dark sidewalks!