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The Broadway Building

That big hole in the ground across the street from SCCC will soon be “The Broadway Building,” consisting of 14,000 sf of retail, 12,000 sf of offices, 100 apartments, and 27 SCCC International Student Loft Apartments. This project seems to have flown under the radar somewhat, even hugeasscity hasn’t said anything about it! The only thing I could find on it is this DJC article, which I can’t get in to.

I usually keep up with new developments that are happening and since I hadn’t heard anything about it I had assumed that it was a new SCCC building, but I guess not. The design is nothing special, but I’m really glad to hear that this building is going to have retail and housing. If the right kind of retail goes in here (aka not Kinkos, or Money Tree etc), this should really help bridge the growing gap between Pike/Pine and North Broadway. Hopefully they put some effort into making the back look nice too, since it’ll be right up against Cal Anderson.

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3 thoughts on “The Broadway Building

  1. Meng Strazzara does nice work: John Court at 15th and John is theirs and detailed beautifully. Generally I like their projects better than their renderings and I bet this Broadway project will turn out well.

  2. I agree John Court is a nice building, but the ground-floor retail is lacking. I was hoping for something cool to open in that space since I live next door, but so far all they have is a dry cleaner and 1-2 empty spots.

  3. The graphics in front of the new Broadway Building are awesome — looks like it is going to add a nice look to the Pike-Pine neighborhood. The stone they are facing it with is beautiful!