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Walk Score: Capitol Hill 12th, Pioneer Square 1st

Thanks to the way that website Walk Score defines neighborhoods, Capitol Hill ranks a lowly 12th place in this list of Seattle’s most walkable neighborhoods. It’s not completely fair. Pioneer Square ranks 1st, thanks to a very tight definition, while Capitol Hill (according to Walk Score) is bounded by Madison to the south, Lake Washington Blvd E to the East, and E Interlaken/SR-520 to the north. That’s just too much territory for a single ‘hood.

Now, I know it’s somewhat silly to get riled up by Capitol Hill’s low rankings on Walk Score, but I know we’re a more walkable hood than we’re being given credit for. Also, because Walk Score put these rankings together in order to “help people find more walkable places to live,” I’d hate to think that people who appreciate density are being steered away from the hill thanks to a poorly drawn map.

I’d like to send a note to Walk Score asking them to redraw the bounding box. What should the boundaries for Capitol Hill be?

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8 thoughts on “Walk Score: Capitol Hill 12th, Pioneer Square 1st

  1. I’d rather see Walk Score add the ability to rank custom or community-defined areas than try to define where the ‘real’ Capitol Hill is.

  2. Agree. They should allow us to drag a box around any area on a map to compute a walkscore average for that area.

  3. Yeah that ranking is way out of whack, Roosevelt at #5? And they they have SoDo listed as the International District.

  4. Good luck walking to a grocery store on a regular basis from Pioneer Square. I think IGA and Uwajimaya would be the only choices in that neighborhood, and both of them are further away than the 6 or so stores within a half mile of me on the Hill.