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Development News – 2026 E. Madison – Goodbye Chocolate City

A new 6-story, 222 unit (229 parking space) apartment complex will be going up at the corner of 22nd and Madison, on the cusp of Capitol Hill and the CD. Previously home to Deano’s, and a contentious site to say the least, developer JC Mueller claims the new project will “honor the rich heritage of the area”. It is also interesting to note that  Mueller owns the large chunk of property across the street, spot of the recently closed Twilight Exit. Plans are to develop the sites simultaneously.


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UPDATE: This is not new info. Andrew Taylor has been kindly keeping CHS in the loop on this one for some time now. The DPD application came up because the project has taken a bit longer than expected, according to Lis Soldano, and the current application was about to expire.  The next design review should be sometime in March. Sorry about that. Still an interesting project though.


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6 thoughts on “Development News – 2026 E. Madison – Goodbye Chocolate City

  1. That area of Madison has been getting a lot of new development the last few years…I’m interested to see how this project shapes up. Thanks for keeping an eye on development for us Josh! Keep up the good work!

  2. Andrew Taylor’s been keeping us up on this for years now. Did Mueller get financing to start construction, or is this just a re-hash of old news?

  3. Sorry everyone, I just talked to Lis Soldano. I was watching the DPD applications and this one came in but I guess it was just because the current application is expiring. Thanks Andrew and awesome map skills!

  4. Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound so snarky…. you just got me excited about the possibility of this actually getting built. We’ve been waiting for this project to happen for quite a while now.