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What kind of light rail retail, housing, etc. development do you want to see?

As part of the construction of the Capitol Hill Light Rail station (CHS light rail posts), Sound Transit will be leading a process to sell development rights for the area surrounding the coming transit hub. You’ll hear this process referred to as Transit Oriented Development — when you hear that phrase, you’ll probably want to pay attention. How the rules and guidelines for the Capitol Hill station development shake out will help determine the kinds of housing, retail and community spaces that will shape around the Broadway station.

It’s the start of a long discussion — the development bidding process likely won’t get started until after 2012 with retail, housing, etc. not opening until 2015 or 2016 when the station opens.

But it’s time to start talking about it now. Next step in the TOD process is a series of planned community forums starting in March and continuing into 2010. The tentative schedule for the forums is below. If you have questions or suggestions about the topics and schedule, contact Michelle Ginder

More about some of the issues below as the forums approach. I’m especially interested in the future of Nagle Place as an interesting opportunity for pedestrian use near Cal Anderson. The March forum on issues including Community Uses should also be interesting. We’ve written in past about the need for a community meeting place near the core of Capitol Hill. This process could be one way to set a plan for that in motion.

Working Group Meetings Community Forums Topics
  • Jan. 9


  • Feb. 12
  • Intro/Objectives
  • Community involvement process
  • ST Redevelopment Vision/ TOD Approach
  • ST business/project objectives
  • Description of sites/issues
  • RFQ/RFP process
  • Design review process
  • Community Uses
  • Farmer’s Market
  • Meeting space
  • Arts
  • Other
  • April


  • May
  • New Housing
  • Density and mix including affordability
  • Code requirements
  • Project delivery requirements
  • Future Retail
  • Market and mix
  • Physical requirements, access
  • Below-Grade Parking
  • Tenant vs. public parking
  • Access and circulation
  • Auto parking alternatives
  • July


  • August
  • Nagle Extension
  • Options
  • Physical requirements
  • Public vs. private
  • Urban Design and Streetscape
  • Relationship to Broadway
  • SCCC Interface
  • October
  • Green Building
  • Sustainability and ST requirements
  • City of Seattle initiatives and requirements
  • Other topics – TBD
  • December
  • January
  • Redevelopment Vision Synthesis
  • Moving Forward
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2 thoughts on “What kind of light rail retail, housing, etc. development do you want to see?

  1. I agree totally with the Nagle Place thing. I was thinking it would be cool if they closed Nagle in its entirety to vehicles and then we could use that street as the Capitol Hill Farmer’s Market. Kind of like a throw back to market streets. Then when the extension to Nagle Place goes in, maybe that could be the official entrance with some pretty signage and a special stage or something for performers.

  2. …rule! I wish we could get more closed off for bikes and business. It would be a boon. Already we’ve added tons of bike parking and removed car parking. It’s increased storefront business in the Pearl, on 3rd, and out on Belmont and 33rd”ish” by an exponential amount. 1 car == 1 person shopping, 1 bike coral == about 30 people shopping n sipping coffee n such.

    Hopefully Seattle sees a boom in this type of development in and around the station areas. I’m sure looking forward to it. I visit regularly and am stoked that the Light Rail will be able to whisk me around the area where I can plunk down some $ on entertainment in neighborhoods that aren’t a sprawling catastrophe.