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Who should be on the Capitol Hill Seattle $1 bill?

Get all sorts of interesting ideas from the Capitol Hill Community Council. Vice prez Charlette Lefevre of Broadway’s Museum of Mysteries adds another peculiar one to the pile — Capitol Hill currency:

A possible solution to the Economic Crisis by keeping the green on the hill. Here is how it works:
Many communities have printed their own currency in an effort to encourage consumers to spend in their neighborhood. A dollar note that acts as a 10%discount (excluding alcohol) at participating businesses will encourage business and visitors to the area. For a business to participate, all they have to do is post a bill in their doorway to let consumers they honor the discount. The discount bill can be copied by anyone and may become self perpetuating by businesses that want to put out an attractive novel discount coupon.

We like it. Especially if it means we get to make a fun poll to choose the new bills.

Thanks to Erik98122, Avitania, Smohundro and Yancy9a for images. Funny money courtesy Festisite.

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26 thoughts on “Who should be on the Capitol Hill Seattle $1 bill?

  1. Picture it: the Black Sun sculpture with the Volunteer Park Reservoir, the Space Needle, and if we’re lucky, the Olympics in the background.

  2. I don’t know that I really love any of these. Maybe the Volunteer Park Observatory would be better. But that said, I feel that Boe the scarf dancer is the best choice of any of these.

  3. Dan Savage and his attack mode is the last community builder on Capitol Hill.

    Horrible choice, if he wins, this business will opt out.

    Cal or crows would be fine, big flock of crows near the park.

  4. It looks like the winner will get around 1/4 of the vote. That means roughly 75% of the voters will be disappointed. That further means that you should have a runoff vote featuring the top two or three. Go Nutty!

  5. Dan Savage should really not be on there.

    But aside from that, this is such a cool idea.

    And no, I don’t live on the Hill yet, but will in the next couple months. Can I still vote?

  6. luckily, none of this is actually happening. but if it ever does, you’re right to envision multiple denominations: that way everyone’s happy.

  7. The Black Hole Sun sculpture is a great idea, but it would require complex legal approval. I like the Volunteer Park water tower suggestion that I believe was offered on the stranger’s slog. Either way, no people. Please.

  8. If the competition is close for first (which it looks like it will be), we should do multiple denominations/versions of the bill, one version for each of the top three(?) images. Hee hee, collect all three!

    I agree with Dod and other commenters on the “no people” thing.

  9. How about a logo that includes a crackpipe, a bloody used heroin syringe, and a penis inserted into a male anus?