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Capitol Hill candidate jumps into Seattle mayoral race

The Stranger’s Dan Savage announced he is running for mayor against incumbent Greg Nickels. Savage, who makes his home here on lovely Capitol Hill, joins an uncrowded field — the only other announced challengers at this time are somebody named Norman Sigler and former NBA player James Donaldson. Savage’s qualifications? He has balls. From Savage’s statement:

That no one has the balls to challenge Nickels this time out tells us nothing about Greg and everything about the contents of Peter, Tim, Nick, and Richard’s underpants. No balls.

But as chatter on Twitter indicates, the groundswell of attention Savage might have expected from the announcement has been modest. Is it possible that people are skeptical of Savage’s intentions?

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11 thoughts on “Capitol Hill candidate jumps into Seattle mayoral race

  1. his only campaign promise so far appears to be to quit within 24 hours, which, I guess is a sort of public service.

  2. I don’t think there’s any act of public service, be it extreme or not, that could win me over to Dan Savage’s cause.

  3. I’d be interested to hear his campaign platform…I mean, besides the fact that he has balls. Even if this is a total joke, I’d like to know what his plans for Seattle would be if he became mayor.

  4. Savage has a long history of being a racist. He supported illegally attacking Iraq for the same reasons George Bush did (those Arabs couldn’t possible have democracy on their own so us white folks must bomb it into them). He decided, at a time when Muslims around the world were being literally bombed to death, forced into concentration camps, and targeted by the Patriot Act, to join right wingers in Denmark by publishing the offensive anti-Muslim cartoons (stop and imagine the Stranger publishing funny cartoons about fags being bashed in the midst of the recent gay bashings). And Mr. Savage blames African-Americans for the loss on Proposition 8 in California (The state’s Black population is 6.2 percent, and it accounted for 10 percent of the overall vote. In other words, blaming African Americans for the referendum’s passage ignores 90 percent of the vote, as well as being silent on the fact that 49% of whites voted for Prop 8). We don’t need right wingers masquerading as lefties in office. We already have Maria Cantwell and Joe Lieberman. Let Savage stay where he belongs: upstairs smoking pot and writing about sex.

  5. Haven’t we had enough of entertainment product masquerading as politics? This is the non-issue of today, gone tomorrow. Let’s all celebrate Dan’s given us in the form of open sex-positive passionate living and go get it on right now!