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Come and have!3{2}A Drink with Doug Schwartz

Dear friend of Capitol Hill-

For more than a decade, Doug Schwartz has served our neighborhood as reporter and editor for the Capitol Hill Times. During this time, it’s likely no one has attended more design review sessions, building openings, school closure reviews, transit updates, public art kerfuffles and community council gatherings. From covering the big changes that have impacted Capitol Hill to the fine grain reporting that helps glue a neighborhood together, Doug has done a stellar job.

Due to the current economic conditions, Doug has been laid off from the Capitol Hill Times. Please join us in coming together over drinks to celebrate Doug’s years of work on Capitol Hill. And do pass this e-mail on to anyone else who may be interested.

A Drink with Doug Schwartz

Tuesday, March 31 beginning at 5:30

Elysian Brewery 1221 E. Pike.

  Message from: Michael Seiwerath,   Director of Fund Development,Capitol Hill Housing.

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