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Does CHS do NCAA?

So I was out with some fellow CHSers the other day chatting about the whole college basketball thing thang . . .

Which got me wondering:  if I started a CHS Capitol Hill Seattle group over on the New York Times site, would anyone join and trade guesses with me?

Maybe even do a watch party or two?  Redwood seems fun, and I know Coastal Kitchen opens early and has a TV just sitting there waiting to show sports . . .

Here’s that group again:

PS, I’m experimenting with this Times thing; if it won’t work, please feel free to suggest alternate platforms!  You’ll need a (free!) account with the Times, but you already have one of those, right?

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4 thoughts on “Does CHS do NCAA?

  1. maybe it’s because i went to a crappy sports school but i know jack about college sports. still, i will win!

  2. Yes, well, I went to a great sports school, but that has only filled me with blind loyalty (as I hope my bracket illustrates), so I’m not sure there’s much advantage there.
    Still, I will buy you a beer when you win!