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Hill venues to watch this afternoon’s UW B-ball?

It’s only been an hour but I’m already thinking of places to escape my work for some beer and B-ball (no, watching online is just not as fun).  Redwood sounds good but I don’t think they open unitl 4:00 and UW plays at 2:00.  Anyone out watching somewhere already? Ideas for a place on the hill with decent TV and open at 2:00? 

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8 thoughts on “Hill venues to watch this afternoon’s UW B-ball?

  1. Timely, too!
    I j’s tweeted a link to this, so hopefully some answers will roll in shortly.

    I think Elysian has a tv, but my memory is hazy–anyone know if that’s right?

  2. I’m at PizzaFusion because their lunch deal is like free food and they are one of the site’s biggest sponsors :)

  3. Ask them if they are interested in trading ad space — I want to see on their flashy screen

  4. Saw a sign @ Pizza Fusion while attending the Green Drinks event on Tueaday: “Free Personal Cheese Pizza with and any alcohol purchase during sporting events” they have 2 big plasma TV’s. Good Stuff.

  5. Free personal pizza’s with any beer or wine purchase during sporting events at Pizza Fusion, 4 plasmas, come one, come all, ASK FOR THE SPORTY SPECIAL