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How’s Your Bracket, CHS?

Exciting first round for our tournament pool.

After quite a bit of shuffling, a good friend of mine (going by the excellently-colored handle Crimson&Blue) is on top, followed Pizza Fusion.

Pizza Fusion called the Dayton upset, and Crimson&Blue and dschonbe both made a good pick with Wisconsin over Florida State . . .

Josh and I are neck and neck at 4th and 5th, and it continues on, tightly packed, from there.

Of course, the first round is crazy (and crazy fun), and the scoring will eventually make it so these current standings are totally irrelevant.  But anyway, there we have it.

Fun so far.

Oh, any further thoughts on where to watch?  There’s another Husky game, around 2pm today.  CHS watch party, anyone?

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11 years ago

How is this pool scored?

final answer
final answer
11 years ago

Jonglix and I are suffering in the bracket, but that won’t hold us back from a CHS watch party! Should we join our rivals at Pizza Fusion?

11 years ago

Yes, part of the fun of experimenting with the Times’ platform: only after it was going did I discover that they award “bonus points” for upsets.

Times rules here.

Here’s a ranking w/out the bonus points, awarding 5 points per correct 1st round pick:
1. Crimson&Blue (130)
1. josh (130)
2. Pizza Fusion (125)
2. yancy9 (125)
3. christinabollo (120)
4. jseattle (110)
5. dschonbe (105)
6. saranut (100)
7. jonglix (95)

11 years ago

Sounds great!
Good special too, looks like.

11 years ago

After the second round, Pizza Fusion has moved into 1st place on the Times scoreboard. Guess that’s what happens when you get 13 out of 16, and pick some good early upsets.

(That bracket has the same name as the place where we watched the Huskies lose, but I won’t hold that against anyone, I promise.)

Crimson&Blue is in 2nd–just ahead of josh, who picked 13 correctly–despite getting only 12 right, thanks to those upset picks.

Alternate ranking, less the bonus points:
1. josh (260)
2. Pizza Fusion (255)
3. Crimson&Blue (250)
4. yancy9 (245)
5. christinabollo (230)
6. dschonbe (215)
7. jonglix (215)
8. saranut (210)
9. jseattle (200)

Looks like j may have been right about josh having what it takes to survive and advance . . .

See you next weekend, CHS-ballers.