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Last House on Broadway Torn Down

The “last house on Broadway,” was (mostly) torn down yesterday.  Since 1974, the house has been home to a U-Frame-It franchise, owned by Randy Lewis.  It was built in 1904, when the Capitol Hill area was still being built up, and just two years after the nearby Seattle (later Broadway) High School at Broadway and Pine.  The house was originally occupied by Alfred J. Bretland.  Bretland owned the whole property which then included the lot directly behind it, on which he built the Agincourt Apartments facing 10th.

I took this video yesterday (March 18) and was expecting to go back today and see that it had been completely torn down, but as of about 3 pm today it looked about the same as it did at the end of this video.

I couldn’t find any info on the house between 1909 and 1974.  Anyone know what was there before the U-Frame-It?  Or when it turned from residential to commercial?

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2 thoughts on “Last House on Broadway Torn Down

  1. The contractor has salvaged all the usable wood and other items out of all these houses and buildings. The cost for the removal of the houses and buildings would become 10 times more if they would have to demo these units by hand to re-use the wood. They have a 75% recycle requirement and they are keeping to that.