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Organizing to make pro-pedestrian Pike a reality

Did you dig cheesecake’s Barcelona-inspired vision of the pedestrian paradise Pike could be?

From the CHS comments, this guy is organizing the first steps in making it reality:

Let’s make this happen!
Anyone who’s interested in working to make a project like this happen on the hill should join this group:

I’m going to try to arrange an initial meeting next week to get a conversation started.

Comment by EricButler
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2 thoughts on “Organizing to make pro-pedestrian Pike a reality

  1. It would be awesome if Seattle could support and sustain something like La Rambla. It is an amazing street (as long as you hang on to your wallet – hello, Barcelona pickpockets). It’s chock full of vendors selling art, flowers and tourist stuff. Folks sell flowers and food. There are musicians and people posing as statues. It’s just an odd, colorful street. Spanish poet Federico García Lorca once said that La Rambla was “the only street in the world which I wish would never end”.

    It’s that damn cool.

    Of course, this street is located in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, an architectually stunning and historic area with medieval cathedrals and cobblestone streets.

    Then again, we could put our own Seattle spin on things – La Rambla will never boast Babeland or the Comet. So there.

  2. Love the idea, just signed up to the Ning group and posted a good video on urban development from the TED Conference. If you’re in the Ning group Eric mentions have a look!