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Calf & Kid: New Cheese Store (to be) on Capitol Hill – UPDATE

Via Twitter, I found out that Sheri LaVigne, a Seattle transplant from New York, plans to open a cheese shop here in our very own neighborhood.  You can read about her scoping out various locations.  Though, it sounds like – she just (minutes ago) finalized a spot on 12th Avenue.  Anyone care to guess the location?

Update via Twitter (@calfandkid): merci! space is next to NWFF, housed carburetors for 30 yrs and needs a LOT of love. It’s not a done deal yet but fingers crossed!

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11 thoughts on “Calf & Kid: New Cheese Store (to be) on Capitol Hill – UPDATE

  1. oh nos, my grocery bill is gonna go up even more!

    I am going to guess the Trace. Perhaps the now closed sales office.

  2. A cheese store here on the Hill would be great. The “cheese girls” at Quality Cheeses in the Market are great, but something even closer would be amazing.
    Now, how about a bakery?

  3. Oh man, I so feel you on that bakery. For such a thriving neighborhood I am constantly saddened by our lack of a quality artisan bread supplier. :(

  4. @Wes, Its not the sales office. That will be a bar, opening around June. Could be the Pizza Fusion space or the former carburetor shop?

  5. The Pizza Fusion space seems way too big for a cheese shop. It is I think about 3,500 sq.ft. That is alot of cheese to sell to stay afloat.

  6. i say it is either the old carburator shop next to revival home or one at trace, although the prices there are so high, that i doubt a cheese shop could swing it. and the packard spaces are too large for this kind of store. maybe the old crave space?