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Demolition derby at 18th and Howell? – UPDATE

Neighbor Rina reports a hit and run accident Sunday night near 18th and Howell:

Hey-there was a crazy hit and run around 9:00 tonight.  A black mini van and a black Dodge Durango were involved in some sort of altercation that ended with the Durango hitting the mini van.  The Durango then slammed into a red Honda Prelude.  There was quite a bit of damage to the prelude, he probably won’t be able to drive the car away, and I won’t be surprised if the Prelude is still there in the early morning.

No entry in the 911 log so looks like nobody was injured. We’ll give SPD a call to see if they can tell us what went down.

UPDATE: Not a lot more clarity from SPD but they did confirm that the accident was a hit and run involving two vehicles smashing into a third. The drivers of the dark blue Durango and the minivan both drove away from the scene and could not be located after an area search. SPD confirms that were no injuries.

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4 thoughts on “Demolition derby at 18th and Howell? – UPDATE

  1. I was a block away, walking south on 18th towards TJ’s, when it happened. Heard the crunch over headphones: looked up and saw black vehicle going south on 18th, returning, then another crunch?, then two black vehicles went west on Howell.
    One vehicle had collided with a supporting wire for a power pole on the SE corner of the intersection.

    Speedy Police response: several SPD cars there when I returned from TJs, officers diligently taking information from people.

  2. I’m surprised the police weren’t able to locate either car. The Durango drove off with a flat tire and both cars had quite a bit of damage.

  3. One of the cars went up on the sidewalk and hit a supporting rod for an electric pole. If it weren’t for that supporting rod (I’m not sure what it’s technically called), the car would have plowed right into the apartment on the corner of 18th & Howell.

    I called Seattle City Light today to make sure that gets fixed.

  4. i watched the poor guy get his car towed around 11pm or so, wonder if he had any clue what happened. can’t believe that durango made it very far, it was in baaaaaad shape. and i swear the woman in the van has gotten into it right in front of that apt before, screaming at her teenage daughter and friend, before shoving them into her car and driving off.