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Montlake gas leak draws big response

Recent spot news events continue to pull CHS coverage down Montlake way. This morning around 10:00 AM, 20 units were dispatched to a natural gas leak in the 1700 block of 26th Ave E. Two men at the scene said the leak was caused when they struck an unmarked pipe with a shovel while doing yard work in the front yard of a home.

The leak was quickly contained by shutting down a main valve down the block and emergency crews were cleaning up the scene within minutes of the response. Meanwhile, the swarm of emergency vehicles, including two large ladder trucks, attempted to maneuver their way through the narrow streets of the neighborhood. One truck was stuck at a traffic circle where it could not maneuver around a car parked too close to the intersection to easily pass. Above, a news helicopter hovered while neighbors wandered outside to ask what the fuss was.

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One thought on “Montlake gas leak draws big response

  1. And you wonder why the hotline exists!?! It is amateur digger fools that this was designed for. Call 811 or more directly, 1-800-424-5555, and it is totally free and fast. This can save 20 units of emergency personnel showing up at your door…