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So what’s the plan for Cap Hill if swine flu gets worse?

Can’t write the word ‘pandemic’ without freaking everybody out. So let’s try to be as rational as possible. Here is King County’s plan to handle a pandemic influenza outbreak. The PDF was updated in October, 2008, fortunately. Nice work on that KC. It’s fascinating to read about some of the containment concepts like ‘social distancing’ and will give you some confidence that there is a plan. It gives you some sense of what to expect in your daily life if a serious outbreak did occur — for example, at what level they close schools — and, yeah, it will freak you out.

Here are some of the more interesting sections. The first describes the phases of a pandemic — we’re in Phase 4 if you’re scoring at home.

This section describes how ‘social distancing’ will be implemented through the various phases to reduce contact. Things don’t get freaky until Phase 5 hits with local, sustained transmission in King County — that’s when they start closing schools and you consider moving to Sequim.

King County’s “social distancing” phases

Sorry if this post causes a lot of anxiety. Hopefully, swine flu behaves like avian flu and just hangs out to give us the creeps every now and then. All I know is that I’m washing my hands more today and got curious about what happens if the Purell doesn’t work.

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2 thoughts on “So what’s the plan for Cap Hill if swine flu gets worse?

  1. If it hits the fan, grocery delivery is going to be HUGE! Amazon Fresh will charge a delivery fee. And the poor restaurants will suffer even more. Hard to eat through a mask… Speaking of which, where do you get one of those masks?

  2. At this point, I still think we are at greater risk for getting hit by a car running a red light at Broadway and John on our way to RiteAid for a face mask, than for coming down with swine flu. I hope I don’t have to eat my words.