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Capitol Hill light rail: Next steps, salvage and noise

Did you miss last week’s Sound Transit meeting to discuss the status of the Capitol Hill light rail construction? Yeah, me too. Fortunately, Sound Transit has made the slideshow (pdf) from the meeting available. We uploaded it so you can see without downloading but some of the maps are hard to read so grab the full file if you want all the details.

The slides cover schedule for construction of the Capitol Hill station and the University Link tunnels, the Olive Way exit closure that starts this weekend and the work below I5 to prepare for tunneling, some information about the ‘transit oriented development’ planning process and some new information about the project’s noise need for a noise variance. Haven’t talked to the agency about it yet but the slide deck says there will be a ‘noise information’ meeting on June 3. ST also notes that its construction sound wall “will contain most but not all noise.”

The chock-full slide presentation also includes more information about the recycling efforts related to the project’s demolition work. We’ve had a lot of questions here on CHS about the salvage and recycling efforts so its good to see ST addressing the concern.

Finally, just to remind you what kind of scale effort we’re talking about here, this is Sound Transit’s University Link construction schedule:

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