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Food & Drink Notes: Neidermeyer Artisan Projects Edition

  • The Stranger’s Happiest Hour pays a visit to Broadway stalwart Charlie’s (a nice option for a weekday breakfast as well)
  • Neidermeyer of Spinasse going to Italy to work on “artisan projects” – new temporary chef de cuisine
  • cap to the hill wanders up to remedy teas on 15th and likes it, despite earlier anti-tea position (“i think tea is a waste of time, but these days who am i to judge?”)
  • 3-star review from the Seattle Times for Anchovies & Olives (corrected 5/16 per the comment below)
  • Dana Davenport of Dilettante talks about his Venezuela trip (the Venezuelan coffee is only served on weekends)
  • 5 ways to look like a Redwood regular according to Seattle Metropolitan Magazine
  • 22 Doors has a new chef (for a few weeks now) and this past Tuesday, they launched a new menu and a new brunch – and 1/2 price wine on Tuesdays
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2 thoughts on “Food & Drink Notes: Neidermeyer Artisan Projects Edition

  1. Actually, the review for Anchovies and Olives was 3-stars….I’m being a little picky, but 4-stars means a truly exceptional restaurant and is rarely given.