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Last to fall in light rail demolition: Old Broadway Jack in the Box

Last spring, the Broadway Jack in the Box closed. Today, it’s finally gone — or in the process of becoming gone. Not sure how they’ll take the old sign down so some pieces could be with us for a bit longer. It’s the last structure left in the area being cleared for Sound Transit’s light rail construction. The Jack in the Box was also Capitol Hill’s last contribution to the late night drive thru party culture. Dick’s still draws the late night drunks and party people but you — or somebody in the party — need to get out of the car to get the chow. At Jack in the Box, most people interacted from within their vehicles. Some people went in but if you were on foot, you probably would rather eat at Dick’s. Jack in the Box was for vehicular-based transactions. On a busy night, it was impossible to figure out how to get in line. The traffic jam just poured itself into the drive thru lane. While it was mostly a fun time, the crowd of cars also could cause tensions to rise. It’s the only place on Capitol Hill I have ever suffered an assault though I didn’t call it in. The antenna that got snapped off my shitty car didn’t seem worth it. Besides, I wanted a burger.

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11 years ago

Seattle Sketchers take on the Jack in the Box.