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Square Room’s got some sick chicks on display

Seems that people-on-duck violence in the Pike-Pine corridor is escalating. Quinn’s started it with a gutsy menu that has drawn protests (and ravenous crowds) to their fattened, seared (and tasty) duck livers served atop frites. Now, Square Room is using taxidermied ducklings to bedeck shop windows just down the road a bit (910 E. Pike Street). What’s next? Bike Polo in Cal Anderson featuring mallets and Mallards?

Evidently, a protestor slipped a note under the Square Room door, which staff have proudly displayed alongside the alleged sick chicks.

Alternately, this note could have been left in protest of Square Room’s exhibition of artistic vinyl toys representing hypersexualized women. Square Room couldn’t be reached for comment — they weren’t picking up their phone at the time of posting.

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2 thoughts on “Square Room’s got some sick chicks on display

  1. I love how not one person mentions the squirrels or deer or boar or whatever else we sell. The booty babes celebrate real women, not everyone is a barbie and thankfully so!! If you don’t like what we sell then go somewhere else. Love to all.
    square room