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Court document reveals details in Pike speakeasy drug case

Attached to this post is a PDF file of the ‘probable cause’ document federal prosecutors filed in U.S. District Court against five men they say were involved in a gambling, cocaine and methamphetamine distribution operation with an outlet and speakeasy on Capitol Hill at E. Pike and 11th.

Richard W. Wilson, Marshall Reinsch and three Honduran men, Carlos Zavala-Bustillo, Cesar Canterero-Arteaga and Edwan Fletes, face several counts of weapon and drug charges. According to the document, Wilson allegedly operated the speakeasy “The Yard” in the building at 11th and E. Pike.

Download PDF

All men were charged with violations of drug laws — you can read more about Title 21, Section 841 here — while Wilson faces additional gun charges related to carrying a firearm while involved with drug crimes.

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4 thoughts on “Court document reveals details in Pike speakeasy drug case

  1. I feel it important to relay that Marshall is a good guy and it saddens me that he was caught up in this mess. Marshall is one of the few people I trusted to leave my son with when he was just a baby. He’s got a good heart and I always found him to be trust worthy and honest. He truly is one of the good guys!!!!

  2. I would also say that this about Rick. I’ve known him for 15 years and hold him in very high regard. He has a strong sense of honor and this story I think speaks to his trusting nature which unfortunately did not serve him well when there were jackals in the fold. He is one of the most courageous people I’ve ever known. To put him in prison for the rest of his life would do this country (and taxpayers) a great disservice.

  3. Marshall Reinsch is a 100 percent snitch. I say not to you out of hate for this guy, but because all should know, Marshall Reinsch actually drove with police volintarally to a person bigger and more valuable to them that they wanted (in exchange) for his release!! This is the truth!! I’m sure most everybody already knows this by now, for it is always talked about, how he obviously is a man on the run, because big people are going to for sure catch up to this man, for what he never should of done. Broke the code….

  4. got way too caught up in this mess. he is a really good guy, a loyal and generous friend. makes so many people very upset to hear the trash talk. we love you marshall! u don’t deserve what you are going through.