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Election 09: 43rd District Dem primary ballot cheat sheet

Before you make a wacky decision in the Port of Seattle Position 3 race, take a look at who the voters in the 43rd District Democrats endorsement process backed.

Seattle’s first all-mail election is underway — CHS world HQ received its ballots today. We’ll bring you a variety of endorsements and ideas about who you should vote for in the primary but aren’t currently planning to make any CHS endorsements. We welcome your opinion, however. Let the CHS comment endorsement season begin.

Here’s a grid showing the vote totals in the 43rd District Dems endorsement gathering back in June:

Download XLS

Top Voter Getters in the 43rd

  • King County Executive: Larry Phillips
  • Mayor: Mike McGinn
  • City Attorney: Pete Holmes
  • City Council 2: Richard Conlin
  • City Council 4: David Bloom
  • City Council 6: Nick Licata
  • City Council 8: Mike O’Brien
  • Port 1: John Creighton
  • Port 2: Rob Holland
  • Port 3: Max Vekich

The 43rd Dems are also backing Kay Smith-Blum for Seattle School Board position 5 and are, of course, for Referendum 1’s plastic bag fee.

Click for larger map

Before you break out your ballot and start blindly marking like a dutiful liberal, remember the 43 extends all the way to Ravenna, Wallingford and Fremont so you’re not getting those pure Capitol Hill marching orders you’re looking for. Those come Friday night when the Stranger staff has promised its endorsements for the primary.

Meanwhile, 43rd Dems, why can’t we be more like the 46th? Those guys already have their sample ballot PDF locked and loaded.

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3 thoughts on “Election 09: 43rd District Dem primary ballot cheat sheet

  1. I have to just toss out a grand endorsement for Mike. I personally interned under this man and I have never met someone with such a smart, encompassing vision for this city. He also has an incredible ability to spark energy and activism on the most pressing issues. I really believe he would do wonders for this town.

  2. A sample ballot is a big help, but so is this post. Thanks!

    It’d also help to note races that look close, so voters can develop a consensus. If a 32% of the 43 votes for Phillips, another 32% for Constantine, and and 36% for Hutchinson, the outcome won’t reflect the voters. A strong majority will have said they don’t want a Republican who sits on the board of the Discovery Institute, but that’s what we’d get. Are we likely to split our vote anywhere?

    And are there alternatives? Is David Ginsberg, for instance, a viable option to Richard Conlin, for voters like me, who find Conlin insufficiently active?

    I see in your link to the 46th Dems that they endorsed both Constantine and Phillips, for example.

  3. Mc Ginn is playing to an audience which does not want to deal with reality.

    It is going to be a tunnel, the state will build and pay for it. Voted in the Legislature, Seattle, get out of the way.

    As nice as the guy might be, and as lame as his opening weeks, taking control of Metro and the School board, What?, it will be a tunnel.

    How strange this town can be, after TEN years of discussion.

    Mc Ginn should intern on the Council or in the Legislature, just 4 years of real political stuff would add to his resume greatly.

    If he makes it past the primary, Nickels will beat him handily. Mc Ginn is NOT Obama, and this election will be decided by older voters.

    He has no resume of political office. Sorry, and Mallahan is the rising polling, not Mc Ginn, with a few weeks to go.