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“Inspired by Starbucks” 15th Ave Coffee and Tea: This time there’s free wi-fi

The “inspired by Starbucks” coffee shop on 15th ave. opened its doors to the media for a short preview before its grand opening on Friday. Project manager D. Major Cohen,said, “We want to provide a new experience, but the consistency will be the same.” More about the opening from CHS later. In the meantime, a few tasty nuggets:

  • They’re going to have free wifi
  • And will not accept Starbucks cards
  • Bakery treats are from Essential

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7 thoughts on ““Inspired by Starbucks” 15th Ave Coffee and Tea: This time there’s free wi-fi

  1. Really, I think this is a good idea. Starbucks should be applauded for trying something new, but maybe they should have tried it in a neighborhood that actually needs a fun and quirky coffee shop?

    15th already has at least 2 decent places to get coffee and I don’t think there’s a lot of room for a new coffee shop on 15th right now.

  2. It’s just coffee. A place to hang out (if you choose). Spend your money there (if you choose). I’ve had good coffee and bad coffee at sbux. I’ve also had good coffee and bad coffee at some of the “local” coffee shop. It’s just coffee.

  3. One good coffee shop (on most days depending on whomever behind the country is flipping the attitude with their overpriced coffee). Ladro is questionable on being “good”.

  4. Starbucks’ tightrope walk is getting more and more befuddling. I’m talking about the balance they’re trying to strike between providing the convenience and consistency of Starbucks, but wanting to seem like a locally relevant, independent, hip store. And all this without coming off as if they’re trying to trick their own customers.

    But taking giftcards is an easy way to provide the convenience…so why not? Unless they’re trying to pretend not to be a Starbucks. But they wrote “Inspired by Starbucks” on the door. There doesn’t seem to be a clear strategy…

    More thoughts on this decision from a brand strategy point of view: