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Latte Art Throwdown and Barista Jam: Coffee Geekgasm this Saturday @ Victrola & Visions

When I first saw this poster, I had a couple of questions. Not about the Barista Jam to be held at Visions in SODO – a day of coffee workshops seems pretty straightforward to me.  But how exactly does one hold a Latte Art Smackdown?  And why does this one deserve capital letters?

Victrola hosts latte art smackdowns on a regular basis – pour-offs”, said Sarah Jane Hoppe, manager of the I-5 shores Victrola, “This Smackdown is a pre-qualifying round for Seattle baristas only for September’s event at Coffee Fest, which is versus L.A.” Sarah Jane explained that “like any self-respecting coffee establishment”, only freepour latte art was allowed, and that the baristas would compete tournament style, with two baristas pouring at once and presenting their lattes at the same time to judges and the webcams. “This is also a practice run for September, when the judges won’t be in Seattle”, said Sarah Jane.  Judges will be looking for the symmetry, contrast, and definition in the latte art patterns, and I assume, just plain prettiness.

To enter Saturday night’s Latte Art Smackdown, you just have to be from Seattle, have $10 in your pocket (winner takes the pot!), and for your own sake know something about pouring a latte.  And of course, coffee geeks are invited to to view the proceedings. 

The Latte Art Smackdown’s companion event, Barista Jam, requires nothing but the willingness to hand over $35 for a day full of coffee teachings. The class caps at only 25 people, so if you’re interested I’d recommend signing up soon.

After being happy resident of Seattle for six years, Comrade Bunny started blogging about it. That is so Capitol Hill. For more geek/green/Seattle, see Life on the Hill and Other Stories

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One thought on “Latte Art Throwdown and Barista Jam: Coffee Geekgasm this Saturday @ Victrola & Visions

  1. Hey everyone! The latte art throw-down was a huge success! 32 baristas from all over Seattle threwdonw in some fierce competition. The top 10 Finalist will throw-down again in September, also live-streamed, against Intelligentsia in LA. This will be another event that NO coffee fanatic should miss.

    Big shout out to Victrola Coffee Roasters and Visions Espresso’s Coffee Enhancement Lounge (CEL) for hosting this amazing event.