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Neighborhood plans: Cap Hill gets a 2nd chance, plus city says survey data will be shared

Final results for the neighborhood surveys. Ballard had more than 2x as many participants as the next most active ‘hood. Click for full chart

When it comes to telling the powers that be about life in the neighborhood, Ballard may be good at filing in online surveys but they aren’t getting a second chance to meet face-to-face with city planners. The Seattle City Planning Commission announced that Capitol Hill and Pike/Pine are getting a second shot at a neighborhood plan status meeting after the initial session in June failed to draw more than a handful of participants.

Here’s an e-mail circulated to various Capitol Hill organizations about the second chance from Capitol Hill Housing:

The Central Area has successfully gotten a “redo” of their Neighborhood Plan Status Report Meeting due to poor attendance (for Cap Hill and P/P this was the meeting held in June at the Armory in SLU, also poorly attended). Info on this redo meeting is below. These are the meetings that the Planning Commission and the Neighborhood Plan Advisory Committee (NPAC) have been co-sponsoring (along with the online survey) to “check-in” with neighborhoods on where they are at with plans. Supposedly, info gathered at these meetings will impact which neighborhoods are updated next year, if there is a budget for it…

Because there are significant and overlapping areas between the Central Area and our neighborhoods (12th Avenue and Miller Park specifically) we (several NPAC members including myself) have been working with the Central Area to get Capitol Hill and Pike/Pine materials at this meeting too.

Sounds like we have pushback from the Central District to thank for the opportunity for a bigger, better discussion of Capitol Hill and Pike/Pine issues. Here’s the meeting info from the planning commission:

Thursday, September 3, 6-8 PM at the Miller Community Center, 330 19th Ave. E   98112

 Please join members of the Seattle Planning Commission and the Neighborhood Planning Advisory Committee on Thursday, September 3 from 6 to 8 pm at the Miller Community Center for an important Central Area community meeting.

 These two citizen groups want to hear your thoughts.  Come and tell us how the Central Area, Pike/Pine and Capitol Hill has changed since the creation of their Neighborhood Plans. Your comments and input at this meeting will help the City of Seattle complete a status report that will look at how well your neighborhood plan is achieving its goals and strategies.

 This meeting will provide an opportunity to learn about your neighborhood plan, the projects that have been implemented, and growth and changes that have occurred since your plan was written in the late 90’s.  We will explore issues such as growth, transportation, housing, economic development , basic utilities, neighborhood character, open space and parks, public services, public safety, and other issues.

 It would also be helpful to know your Neighborhood Plan and to bring it with you, so you can reference to them when needed.  So, here are the links to your Neighborhood Plans:

Central Area:


 Capitol Hill:

  With questions, please contact David Goldberg at (206) 615-1447.

 Also, about the data from the online survey: A spokesperson for the planning commission says they are working to make an anonymized dataset stripped of all personal information such as names and e-mail addresses available. CHS will love getting its little hands on that dataset to make some groovy bar charts just for you.


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11 years ago

Is it inappropriate to show up at these meetings if you’re new to the neighborhood and just want to hear how other folks think the hill has changed since the neighborhood plan?