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Pictures: The most arbitrary artist on Capitol Hill

We don’t know his name and we don’t know what his creation looks like but we know this guy received last night’s $500 Arbitrary Art Grant. Under drizzly August skies, around 50 creative types circled up in the People’s Parking Lot and waited for the grant’s ‘judge’ (second photo in the set) to make its selection. Congratulations, to the most arbitrary artist on Capitol Hill!

Sadly, Marination Mobile was not able to open shop in the lot for the evening. They’ve got a lease but a combination of crowded parking around the lot and a high curb kept the food truck off the lot.

Arbitrary art grant in progress!

Originally uploaded by &y

More pics at the People’s Parking Lot blog.

And more from the crowd:

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4 thoughts on “Pictures: The most arbitrary artist on Capitol Hill

  1. Actually, I’m more curious to see a photo gallery of all the entries than the entrants. Wish I’d come with my camera, oh well.

  2. yeah!! thanks for grabbing some great pix of my boyfriend Damian,his painting, and the event in general! I was very bummed to have missed it!
    I’m glad to see great participation by Seattleites (even in a thunderstorm)!!