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What is the Howell Collective?

And how did they get a P-Patch stamp that would make it so their mailing would fool me into excitedly thinking I might have gotten a coveted Capitol Hill P-Patch?

In any case, the mailing instead asks folks to email “pledging your support.”  Support, apparently, for a garden at 16th and E Howell,

a p-patch that will try a different style of community garden, a “collective” that does not have individual plots.  The whole garden (not just the common areas) will be designed, planted, maintained, and harvested together by community members that sign on to work the community garden.

So am I the only one in the dark about this organization?  And if you email them, does that mean I’ll get a p-patch sooner?


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4 thoughts on “What is the Howell Collective?

  1. Sorry cap lock … come from a family of master gardeners, and would love to just work on a collective garden. Good idea, and then less skills are required for the well intended that know nothing about plants and garden work…. and get to share the squash and radishes.

    Go, go. How do I join?

    Will bring the Jolly Giant with me, and yes, he is the ref. in the title.


  2. Ah, right, the contact info.
    They ask that you send “name, address, and a statement describing your support (donate: time in the form of labor or admin., tools, plants, fiscal sponsorship, etc).”

    Just to be clear: since I’m not sure that I understand all of this, this post isn’t an endorsement, though I agree that it certainly sounds like a good idea.

  3. Howell Collective is a lot like what the park-to-be at John and Summit is – hybrid park and p-patch design that was implemented because the neighborhood wanted park space and garden space. They also have the same problem John and Summit had – Parks didn’t have enough funding to go through with the planned design.

    The main difference (besides size and location, yeah yeah) is that Howell Collective will have a collective garden and John and Summit is individual p-patches. I was skeptical of the idea at first, but I’m less so after seeing the totally informal ROW garden doing so well as a collective.

    I met one of the organizers, and she seemed cool and dedicated. They’re getting a later start on things, but they definitely deserve our support. Especially if you like squash.

  4. Hey there,

    Howell Collective here. Emailing us does not mean you will get a p-patch sooner, it also does not mean you will be taken off the waiting list. The Howell Collective was born out of two circumstances- 1.the city of Seattle levied money and bought the parking lot on 16th and E Howell. the community began organizing for a p-patch, but instead were directed by the city to organize a community garden. 2.the p-patch wait list has over 1500 folks on it, usually incurring a 2 year wait or so. and we want garden space.

    This being said, if you want to garden in the meantime, while you wait for your p-patch or as an altogether alternative to the p-patch, send me an email. If you have other questions or concerns, send an email to