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43rd Dems decide on fall election endorsements – UPDATE: McGinn gets nod

Update 10:05 PM by Lucas Anderson,
A cast of candidates gathered at the University Heights Community Center Tuesday night, as the 43rd District Democrats made their endorsements for the fall election. Mayoral candidate Mike McGinn came out on top with 69% of the vote, breeching the 60% level needed to receive endorsement despite Mallahan’s roots in the 43rd district.

The Candidates played to the usual line up of topics, fielding questions on background, nightlife and development, transportation, budget, and the standard Alaskan Way Viaduct/deep bore tunnel question. When asked about what they would bring to the position, Mallahan cited his executive experience, and his background as a business leader with “insider support.” McGinn responded, saying “Having the support of insiders is one thing, and having the support of people is what is important.”

With help from Mike O’Brien, a candidate for City Council, McGinn fought Mallahan’s accusation that the “decision has been made” on the deep bore tunnel. O’Brien was on the stakeholder committee for the Alaskan Way Viaduct project and reinforced McGinn’s argument by agreeing that the committee was initially against the plan.

Here are the results from the meeting:


  • Dow Constantine
  • Yes on Ref. 71
  • Yes on Housing Levy
  • No on 1033

Approved with overwhelming majority.

King County Assessors Race
Lloyd Hara vs. Rob Rosenberger 

-Rosenberger receives endorsement after a reconsideration vote.

Mayor Race
Mike McGinn vs. Joe Mallahan

– McGinn receives endorsement with 69% of vote.

City Council
Mike O’Brien vs. Robert Rosencrants

– O’Brien receives endorsement with 72% of vote.

School Board
Wilson Chin vs. Betty Patu

Chin receives endorsement after a reconsideration vote. 

Original Post

Capitol Hill’s 43rd District Democrats meet Tuesday night to vote on endorsements for November’s election. Rules for the session can be found here.

University Heights Community Center
6:30 pm—9:30 pm,
5031 University Way NE | 98105

Mike McGinn was the top vote getter for mayor in the 43rd’s primary process but failed to gather enough votes to win an endorsement. To receive the district’s endorsement, candidates must receive 60% of the vote at tonight’s meeting. Registered Democratic voters living in the 43rd are eligible to participate in the endorsement voting process. CHS will cover the meeting and post results when available.

Tonight’s agenda:

6:30 p.m.

Call to Order

Introduction to Format and Endorsements Rules

6:45 p.m.

Combined Forum and Endorsements Meeting

King County Assessors Race (15 minutes)

Introductions from each candidate

Open Audience Q&A

Mayoral Candidates Forum (30 minutes)

Introduction: 1 minute each

Moderated questions: 6 questions

Open Audience Q&A: 3 questions

Seattle City Council Pos. 8 (20 minutes)

Introduction: 1 minute each

Moderated questions: 4 questions

Open Audience Q&A: 2 questions

Seattle School District Pos. 7 (15 minutes)

Introduction: 1 minute each

Moderated questions: 2 questions

Open Audience Q&A: 2 questions

8:05 p.m.

District Business

1. Approval of the minutes from the last meeting

2. Volunteer Recognition

3. Election of a new Events Vice-Chair

4. Treasurers Report

a. Financial Contribution to Dow Constantine

5. PCO and Elections Report

a. PCO Appointments

6. Resolutions

9:30 p.m.


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One thought on “43rd Dems decide on fall election endorsements – UPDATE: McGinn gets nod

  1. They have endorsed Ref: 71 – now is the time for a good sized check – I no longer live in that district…. but it was fun over the years, often very heated debates.