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Approve R-71 community meeting at Broadway Performance Hall

From a (very!) new site on Capitol Hill, here’s word of an important organizing event for the supporters of Referendum 71. Take it away Gay Cap Hill:

We shouldn’t even be having to vote on this issue because it is putting civil rights up for a vote. State Sen. Ed Murray, D-Seattle, has stated that this would be “a tragic day for the state, where we will put the rights of a group of our citizens up for a vote.”

So, come out on September 15 to Broadway Performance Hall to find ways you can volunteer to help ensure that R-71 is passed. You can RSVP at the Equality Events Hub web site.

We don’t typically link to 1-post blogs but we’re hoping to encourage Gay Cap Hill along. They’re part of the Neighborlogs family, for one, but we also think the Hill could use more (original!) online news and information voices. Good luck, GCH.

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