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Capitol Hill Photo Blog

I am a photographer and recently moved to the Capitol Hill area. I have several photo blogs but decided to start one of photos just taken as I walk around the area. Some are taken with an iPhone and others with a DSLR. Here is a link to the blog.

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7 thoughts on “Capitol Hill Photo Blog

  1. Always brings a smile to my face when I walk by it. Glad your giving it the recognition it deserves–thanks for sharing this and the others.

  2. Yep, definitely Howell on the north side of the street. And 19th sounds about right. As far as the car ever leaving, I don’t think so… the door is too dependent.

  3. I live on that block around the corner from it on 18th. The street there is euphamistically called “crack alley” (it is on Howell) so you don’t really want to walk your kids by it. The detached garage is between the Gospel Mission and a drug house it is part of the property of. A lot of crime has happened by it, recently someone who lives on 19th was mugged walking across the street fromt he drug house, by a small strech of project housing. Most people in our neighborhood avoid walking there or parking there, especially at night. Sometimes a drug dealer will be out on the grass. There are variable large, old sedans parked on the grass yard too.
    It is a sight, and it is a sore in the community. Still, it is visually funny and a local landmark. They oly put that plywood door last year, before htat the garage had no door, the car was there with cardboard in th eback window so you couldn’t see what activities were going on in there…drugs and prostitution?