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Construction catcalls at Minor and Melrose

Got this note from a CHS neighbor we know and trust about an uncomfortable situation that echoes a conversation we had on CHS almost exactly a year ago. Here’s the note:

FYI for ladies on the hill. Lots of ogling and whistles from the MRJ construction crew at Minor and Melrose today. Uncomfortable!

We called MRJ Constructors to let them know about the situation and find out about their work site policy regarding these kinds of matters but nobody was available to speak with CHS about the issue this afternoon. We’ll try them again in the morning. If this happened to you, CHS encourages your to call MRJ at (206) 621-7437 to let them know so they can address the problem.

We’re definitely not here to be hall monitors but, like we learned last summer, these kinds of situations can fester without anybody doing something to stop it. Save the whistling and the ogling for the dance floor, fellas.

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9 thoughts on “Construction catcalls at Minor and Melrose

  1. One thing I always noticed in the PNW was that the construction workers here seemed much more respectful and less oglesome than those on the east coast.

  2. I think that rule applies to men (on the street, that is) in general back east. I have never been ogled so much as the three years I spent in NY/Brooklyn. Thanks for being so chivalrous jseattle!

  3. I am the Project Manager for the Melrose project and we have dealt with the issue today. We apologize if anyone was offended in any way. Please feel free to contact me directly if there are any concerns or if any other issues may come up. I can be reached at


  4. I don’t understand what the big deal is. If you’re a pretty girl and you know you’re passing a construction site, you’re going to get oogled. That’s just the way it is. Construction workers generally are pretty dumb. But they work hard to make the buildings, so we need them.

    If it bothers you, maybe you should take some responsibility for your the outcomes of specific situations in your own life, be more aware of your surroundings and take a different route. I know you agree with me because you would tell an ultra feminine gay guy the same thing about walking through some thuggy neighborhood.

  5. All people, including women, have a right to feel safe in their own neighborhood. Catcalling is not “harmless” or a “compliment”, it creates an environment of fear and intimidation for those who are targeted (usually women). Ignorance is no excuse as construction companies have clear policies prohibiting sexual harassment, which includes catcalling.

    I’ve found that it doesn’t matter what one is wearing, and saying a woman should dress more conservatively or vary her route is blaming the victim. It’s not a woman’s responsibility to prevent men from catcalling her, it’s a man’s responsibility to control himself and his behavior.

    Catcalling is a form of intimidation employed by men who feel powerless, invisible, undesirable, etc. and it creates a world in which women’s autonomy is diminished due to fear. For ladies who have experienced catcalling, the website “Holler Back” ( is a great place to find support.

  6. Nice way to enable these folks to talk even more about Capitol Hill when they go home to their hometowns in the outskirts.. Not only is Capitol Hill a place for gays and diverse lifestyle…it’s now going to mocked for complaining, whining, and ‘womanizing’. What would we do if it were women catcalling men??? Such a non issue, take a different route (one block out of your way) and deal with it, it’s a city for crying out loud.

  7. I really appreciate the smart way you’re addressing this problem. Years ago at the UW, when the north part of campus was being rebuilt, I couldn’t get to class w/out incurring really disgusting catcalls. (I’m a feminist but I’ve got a lewd sense of humor. This shit wasn’t funny and was totally uncalled for.) Reported the workers to the site manager who screamed at me, “How do I know you didn’t like it?” And b/c it was summer quarter, the school’s administration was mostly gone and no one would take it seriously. Other female students had the same complaint but no one would listen to us. It’s not a lot to ask to simply walk in public w/out someone listing what he’d like to do to your ass.